Survey of Computer Use 2009


The survey was taken at the AGM of the Calderdale Community Forum and 21 community organisations agreed to participate, however, some forms were not completed. It should be noted that this was a random sample and is not necessarily representative of Calderdale's third sector as a whole.

  • 15 organisations stated that they had access to 150 computers or laptops between them with 4 stating that they each had 20+ computers at work. The rest stated they had between two and ten computers at work;

  • 10 organisations stated that they had access to a network (interestingly enough, network users accounted for 75% of all the organisations that stated they regularly backed up their data);

  • 89% of organisations stated they had access to broadband. Only 1 organisation still used dial-up, however, although the majority of organisations surveyed had access to the Internet, 15 computers had no Internet access at all;

  • This was confirmed when 90% of replies stated that they had access to the Internet and email at work, just not on all their computers;

  • 8 organisations stated they had their own server. This discrepency with the number of organisations with networks may be due to a misunderstanding about what a server was (often confused with a router) or due to multiple organisations based in the same premises sharing the same network and server;

  • 87% of organisations stated they had their own websites;

  • Only 8 organisations stated that they regularly carried out back-ups (6 of whom, as stated previously had a network, which leaves 4 organisations with networks not carrying out regular back-ups and 13 other organisations extremely vulnerable to loss of vital data);

  • 67% of organisations stated that they relied on their staff, volunteers or friends to provide their IT support;

  • Only 8 of the organisations stated that they had any form of technical support contract in force.

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